It's time for a fresh start.

My previous website was built with poole which was an excellent static site generator for simple use. However I now want to just pick up a working theme and have support out of the box for some useful plugins. Therefore I'm now giving jekyll a try with the jekyll-clean theme and will see how this goes...

I seem to be continually overhauling my home network setup but I've been doing it in a bit of an unfocussed way for a while. I'm going to try to focus this a little more by defining some actual goals and trying to move towards them step-by-step rather than just trashing everything when I get bored or excited by some new shiny. I'm also going to try to blog about various bits of hardware and software, stories of what worked and what didn't work and generally being opinionated about tech.

If I follow through on most of the tech plans I have I'll end up with a very overengineered home network. Hopefully this will give me an opportunity to try out some cool technologies and learn a few things which will be useful at work. If I manage to write a few useful blog posts along the way then I'll consider that a bonus!