This website has been pretty neglected for a while now. Life gets pretty busy and there's often not time to write blog posts. Plus, most of the interesting stuff I've done hasn't been public/open source work and so there's not really been much to say about it.

That's likely to be changing now though. I've just started a new job as Co-Founder and Principal Engineer at Togán Labs. We're a tiny startup company made up of open source professionals with a focus on Embedded Linux and in particular OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project. There will be many more details on our website so I won't go on about it too much here.

The real upside for me is that the open source projects I've been working on as a hobbyist are now a part of my main job :) So hopefully that will lead to more involvement in the Yocto Project and other related projects. We've already put out a Linux BSP for the Arduino Yún and should be expanding this to include support for the Arduino Tian in the coming months. I've also got plans for further work on the Raspberry Pi BSP layer and I'm exploring the feasibility of maintaining a 4.4.y series kernel for Raspberry Pi platforms now that the official repository has moved on to the 4.9.y series.

So, with some luck, there will be a few more posts on this blog over the next few months than there have been in the last few months!